Chubu Dunlop second round

The second round of Chubu Dunlop. I have been using Saturdays and Sundays.
The weather was not hot and it was not cold and it was fine weather.
The number of participants is 85 (number of entries is 90)!
N was large, and A and B entered six each.
Course is detailed course with a lot of fine turning back and middle course
That 1st Heat is a missed course and riders who can not turn around continue
Although it was serious, every second heat seemed to have run out perfectly.
Although it was a fun course when you actually ran
It was painful for a thick tire!

This tire is 209 GP! After all, the turning force is compared with 002
Although it falls honestly, the ease of understanding of information is the highest
It is easy tire to attack at the production, this is a good place for Dunlop! (^ ^)!
I changed the setting of the machine this time and brought it in
Traveling feeling is reasonable and it has become a really fun machine from now
I will only tell you …

Although it was the result of the tournament, it was second overall overall.
The winner is Tominaga! It was pretty far apart (- _ -;)
Because it was second in being helped by other players' mistakes
It is a rather complicated feeling ~

This Sunday is Nakai practice meeting. I will try my best~

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