There is no talent?

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I was 16 years old and took a motorbike license.
I remember the word which was said at the school that passed at that time 27 years has passed still well still.
Was it the second day of training? A word from the instructor
"Because you do not have talent, is not it better to stop riding a motorcycle?"
G ~ ~ ~ · · · It was a shock ~
From a young age I loved vehicles and I had a long-awaited license (: _;)
It looked like Ike. (^ _ ^;)
But I feel that I still understand a word of the instructor.
I do not say that there is no talent to ride a motorcycle, but I can not say that it is excellent! I feel it.
That such I reached champion
"I like bikes! I like running on a motorcycle!" That feeling was bigger than a man! I think that it is to say that. If I have time now I am going to run near the pass and I love to run.
And say that the environment was good!
There were plenty of places to run around the mountain pass, I got places where I could do good exercise called Shop Yamanaka, and I met a good friend. And then ran a lot! That's all!
So the experiences and techniques built over a long period of time are not easily disturbed, that is my strength
There is.
From now on I think I would like to go with a motorcycle love rider!
This year we will also run a lot to the gymkhana touring on the pass –

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