SSB Crash bars for the New 2017 Honda CBR250RR now under construction

Today when I started I knew it was going to be an exciting and challenging day.
I was producing SSBs crash bar protectors for one of the newest motorcycles out there on the market, the 2017 Honda CBR250RR.

I checked on the internet and knew roughly where the position of the engine hanger was.
But then when I went there to take off the fairing for the first time, in the place where the best spots that you would want to place a bumper, was a  sub-tank of the radiator and on the opposite side there was the regulator…


I planed about various ways to attach it to the main frame and dismissed them over and over again. . .
Even if it is possible to attach it would be terribly difficult for users to install in the future …

But hey, if you attach it a bit more behind, it kind of works….


But then I realized that the image when the cowl is re-attached would not be beautiful at all !
The effect of the bumper also would be likely that the vehicle will tumble forward in event of a fall. . .

Should I just finish the job by attaching it regardless? Or should I pursue the ideal despite the hardships…?

Well… here at the SSB Factory we naturally seek the ideal.

The structure will surely to become complicated, but I now have the idea built up in my head.
I hope to be able to upload the completion of the project tomorrow.

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