Riding school

For the instructors of the solar group driving school in Saitama prefecture since entering December
I went to gymkana demonstration and riding lesson.

The solar group's instructors are holding riding lessons for beginners at the Misato driving school
For that reason, we also recognize that we need to improve technology, so that the tower U-an Pu Running Support Co., Ltd.
I participated in a riding lesson hosted by Noda. I am participating as a special lecturer.

Information on riding lessons held at Misato driving school

It is a lesson youtube of the company
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUf8-_ u3zLx9TNByUxzO7xA

This course was held using the Nissin Driving School of Omiya.
After arriving early in the morning, we set up a course for demonstration and arranged a riding lesson.

It is a very wide and beautiful course.


This car is Ninja 400 "Demo" and CB 750 "Demo + Lesson".


After introducing yourself, after running a demonstration of Gymkhana for about 10 minutes at Ninja 400
Experience driving with instructor and gymkhana course. .
Make a riding lesson centered around the figure 8
Lastly I ran the course with a train.


The last is a commemorative photo taken by everyone.


The sun group has many high-ranking instructors who want to run not only as a teaching but also safely as possible after graduation.
Do not you think it is a wonderful move?

I think that accidents will be few if I get to such a school.

And I would like to use this wonderful course for the gymkaa practice group and tournament
I think.
I do not know what will happen yet, but I think that I will make an effort to reach a better direction even a little.


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