Okinawa Outburn Event

I participated in the event of Okinawa's outbound that you are inviting every year.
I am planning to organize various events every year with circuit running, touring, gymkana practice session
This year is a game and practice meeting centering on gymkhana.

Ninja 400 scheduled to ride next season this time! We prepared for you.
Actually I thought about bringing in my special ninja, but sometimes it's the end of the year
I gave it up because the vehicle can not be returned within the year
"Since 2019 runs from early in the year, it is troubled if there is no vehicle."

However, I decided to have SSB, special sheet, up step added to say that I will do the lowest line thing.
I will do the setup properly at the site.

I entered Okinawa on Saturday, but the temperature when I leave Ome is 3 ° C. .
When getting off at Naha airport, it is 26 ℃! ! Honesty can not correspond to that difference 23 ° C (; ∀;)
But it was awesome weather so I went to Kuriyurisima.


Lunch was decided to eat on the beauty terrace which can be eaten while watching Okinawa Bridge.


This is not a half size, and there is a rafty about whether there is 5? In there.
I can not eat it normally ~ (laugh)

Since time has gone, it is moving to the outbound.
When we arrived at the outbound, everyone welcomed me as "Welcome back ~ ~".
It is Mr. and Yukari who took office as President from this year.


I am indebted to you very much.

As soon as I arrive at the shop, I will cross Ninja 400 riding this time.
Just raise the feeling only on the handle, the setting is over (lol)
Because the suspension can only be reloaded on the rear. . .

Come on the practice session today.


This time it is held at Futenma Driving School.

We divided into 2 groups and we will do the practice run and time attack.
As for myself, run and talk with each other during running time, do time attack!
I spent the day like that.

I took this aerial shoot.

I ran with both teams and had conversations, but I'd like people to ride a bike by all means while talking!
There are many opinions to say.
So I decided to get on various bikes.
While setting a bit easier for the motorcycle you care about
I was riding a motorcycle.
Because I forgot my age and getting over it, I got tired and I ran into a hello helmet with a second attack time attack (lol)
But it seems like everyone was pleased so let's be good ~ (^ ^ ♪
Also, I think that it was good not to overturn this year and I was happy to be able to extend "record that has never been overturned in Okinawa".
After all it is borrowed, do not fall down (^ ^ ♪

Launch in the evening with a grilled meat shop! While having fun talking, I was eating a lot.

For the remaining two days after the end of the event, in order to get tired of 2018 when the couple continued running for a long time
I spent slowly at Tokyu Resort in Miyakojima.


Since I stayed in Okinawa for over 20 degrees, I did not like to go home ~
Temperatures of Ome are minus 1 degree as they come back. . .

I want to return to Okinawa ~~~~

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