Ninja 400 Stage 3

It is Ninja 400 which I have been making since last year as a gymka entrance vehicle for this season
Finally I came to the situation of pursuit.

Stage 1 made from normal to change suspension

Stage 2 which has been balancing by changing tire size

And this time it is Stage 3 aiming for potential improvement in Gymkhana

The change in this time was two issues of more compact turning improvement. .

Since the direction that this says is naturally a car body, it also has a dual side nature which makes it difficult to fall asleep
It is a change of thinking carefully.

Understanding the characteristics of the machine, I finally reached stage 3 after I advanced step by step.
I was troubled by lack of traction of rear tires on the way.
Although there was a time when I was worried that turning ability to fight could not be obtained easily
I think that you finished a good machine to solve various problems at Stage 3 this time.

I think that I want to further balance from this state and want to proceed until the first game in March.

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