SSB crash bars for Aprilia RSV4

This time, we made SSB for Aprilia RSV4.

This vehicle was overall quite easy to make, and I think we were able to make a good design with sufficient strength and protection.
At first I was worried that non-Japanese vehicles would use different bolts sizes from the Japanese ones.

However, it turned out that the bolts we had were sufficient for this project.
The production time took a 1 working day, but I am satisfied that something that suits the Aprilia RCV4 was made.

IMG_0936.jpeg IMG_0937.jpeg IMG_0941.jpeg

And the fall test for both right and left sides.
IMG_0947.jpeg IMG_0948.jpeg

It seems to protect the clutch housing that pops out.
In addition, the SSB slider α makes the bumper friendly to the vehicle body.

What do you think?  Would love to hear your comments bellow.

Want to buy this item for your RSV4 ? Follow the link here,

Aprilia RSV4 SSB Moto Gymkhana Crash Guard Protection Cage


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