2019 JAGE Cup Round 4 Overall win of the tournament!


It has come together to perfection.
Just headed for the win.

I decided to run with a little margin in order to practice the first heat goal.

There were many errors by Tominaga (NSR250), so I was quite lucky

I thought it was a mistake to put it into the 2nd gear, so for the 2nd heat I didn’t do that.

The time that I ended with was 1 minute 36 seconds 3 It was 0.1 seconds under the previous top time 1 minute 36 seconds 4 and was able to win the overall victory.

It was the second heat that we can expect for the next season, but it is still far from the target run, so I will complete it off-season.

I was able to do my best thanks to my wife who supported me for a long time and my friends who practiced and consulted with me.
That was the main reason I was able to win this time.
I want to finish up next season so that I can always fight for the #1 position.


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