SSB Crash bars for Suzuki GSXR750 2005 model

This time I made the SSB for GSXR750 “2005 model”, which I used to ride before.
Is there a jig on which I was riding? Unfortunately, there wasn’t.

At this time, it was a little difficult to attach the bumper to the same position of Suzuki’s frame, which had only one bolt on the front side, or where the bolt positions were different on the left and right. . The difference in strength seems to come out, but somehow it took shape.
The strength in the lateral direction was made to use a stick for the engine. .
For SSB, it is recommended to install SSB slider α, including that the bolt on the right side to receive the rotational force is 6 mm.

IMG_1195.jpeg IMG_1197.jpeg IMG_1196.jpeg IMG_1200.jpeg IMG_1203.jpeg

It was a fall test, but the slider was in parallel and it was very comfortable to sit on and supported.

How is it?

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