Annual Okinawa Autobahn Event 2019

Is it going to be another 7 years? I went to the annual Kawasaki Shop Out Ban’s event in Okinawa.

December is a relatively cloudy season in Okinawa, but this year forecasts that sunny weather will continue for three days. .
Isn’t the temperature expected to be 25 ℃? . I’m leaving Ome with a happy feeling.

When I went up to the sky by airplane departing at 6:30 Haneda, a beautiful Mt. Fuji was seen off.

When approaching Okinawa, such a blue sea spreads below your eyes.

This time, I spoke to Ikeura-kun in Shikoku and Nakanishi-kun in Kyushu in advance, and they were both happy to enter Okinawa.
Thank you very much.
Mr. Nakanishi.jpg

It is a meeting at Ikeura-kun and Kouri Island, who had already entered Okinawa.

Last year I ate Agu hamburger, but this year it is an unusual beef hamburger ~
It’s so hard to eat ~ (laughs)
In the evening, Nakanishi also joined us at the out-van shop, but he prepared such a sign and waited.
Thank you very much.

Now it ’s time for the event.
Okinawa cart land! It is a wonderful circuit where the blue sea spreads beyond your eyes.

In the morning, we started with the basic exercises of Gymkhana, and made a large course similar to the Dunlop Cup designed by three mainland teams, and we all had a time attack. How was your impression? ?
And from the afternoon, it is the Okinawa Kartland circuit run.
Actually, I heard that I would drive on a circuit, so this time I brought a jumpsuit.
Except for the handle and step, it was a normal Ninja 400, but I was able to ride it very enjoyably.

Is it about 15 minutes per set? I ran two sets and finally with the circuit owner and two people.

Did you say today’s best time is 25 seconds 12? The 25-second range had been in early since the start of the run, but the tires started to slip in the second half, so if I got used to the course and the tires were in good condition, could I go in the middle of the 24 seconds?
After all, the road surface of Okinawa is slippery, it is the same on the circuit and I use a little care, so full bank is quite difficult but I think that I can run enough.
When I go next time, I want to put in the 24 seconds range ~

It is a launch after the event.
As always, the story of the motorcycle blooms.
When you do that, such a surprise

Actually, what I thought when I won the JAGE Cup was a souvenir for everyone in Okinawa!
But it was a moment when I was really happy to win.
Thank you everyone ~ (^^ ♪

Warm, hot, and fun events are over in no time.
On the last day, we enjoyed the best of Okinawa and went home.

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