Journey around the Moto-Gymkhana training venue in the Chubu district

I took part in a training session at Pylon Park Suzuka and Krisp during the consecutive holidays in February.

After finishing work on Friday, move to Hamamatsu and depart Hamamatsu early in the morning on Saturday. . This is my recent trend when going to the Kansai area. .

The first PPS has arrived at Pylon Park Suzuka.

When I ask for the first time, the basic course is C course. . Because it was to say
I decided to attack over a day.
The best time until then was Koshi-kun’s 58 seconds1
When I run, this time is quite fast. .
Can’t get over in a very cold situation? I thought, 57 seconds 946 was the best of the day today.

Chubu district Kansai district people are enviable to have such a good environment. .
PPO “I wish I could make it at Pylon Park Ome”

Today’s inn was in Ise. That’s right, to visit Ise.
After eating breakfast, I aim for Geku.
I told a local friend how to visit Ise Jingu, so I went there.
And next is Naiku
I have been replenishing energy around the spots and power spots.
And I ate delicious things and refilled my stomach ~ (^ ^ ♪
IMG_1644.jpeg IMG_1647.jpeg

After visiting, drive on the Ise-Shima Skyline, then run on the Pearl Line and arrive at today’s inn.
This is an inn where you can enjoy a total cypress bath, delicious food, and sunset cruising in the evening.
I’m sorry I didn’t have a good photo ~ (^^;

Day 3 Today we went to the nearby Yokoyama observatory and enjoyed the superb view of Shima
Since there was plenty of time, I toured Mattari and Toba Aquarium, and headed to the last destination, Kyosei Jiao Tong University, on the Isewan Ferry.

Day 4 Today is Krisp’s four-wheel measurement course.
Tsujiyas from Kanto are also coming and it will be fun.
I can feel that the condition of the machine and the condition of the rider are getting much better.
It is a very fun machine that can handle both the small course of PPS and the wide course of Krisp 4 wheel course.
I also filmed the video that was requested.
I was able to take such a fun video.

The running and the balance with the machine are getting better, so I hope that I will work harder so that I can get a stable time and challenge the opening game.

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