One month until the 2020 Dunlop Cup

This off season has gone pass now step by step by doing everything systematically.

First, set up of the machine. The specifications of this were almost decided within the last year, but from the beginning of the year, we met with the lab staff and carried out overhaul and setting changes with a focus on raising the rear traction “particularly when entering”. The engine is basically normal, but we made adjustments to get things just right…

Ninja 400.jpg
I guess riding could have taken a step further by mixing up a few things that I worked on from the middle of last year and the knowledge I got in the off season. SAMPLE OF MY CURRENT RIDING


In March, I’d like to switch to just focusing on pure practice from here!

One month left to the first match this year.. How much can I do until then?
It is still a unknown area, but I would like to do my best to make this year the culmination of my riding career.

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