SSB Crash bars for the Yamaha FZ25

for Yamaha FZ25 Recently, vehicles manufactured overseas by domestic manufacturers have come into the country, and you can see vehicles with interesting contents for each.
We do not sell domestically, so we can not expect a large number of units,
We aim to produce all vehicles with the soul.
Yamaha’s FZ25 that I can hardly see this time!
I didn’t even know the vehicle until I saw the actual thing, but I think that the engine will be a vehicle that uses a cello type engine and will be a vehicle that competes with the Jigsar 250 in Suzuki.

The SSB this time adopted a structure created as a result of trying to raise the top position as much as possible in a limited installation area like the Jigsar 250.
IMG_1920.jpeg IMG_1923.jpeg IMG_1930.jpeg IMG_1931.jpeg

And it is a fall test, but the center stand that protrudes at a low position gets in the way, but if you use it for competitions, you will remove the center stand, so I think that there is no problem.
However, the rear slider seems to be a very effective vehicle.

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