State of Emergency declared throughout major cities of Japan

Finally, an emergency declaration was issued. .
We are now asked to refrain from going out as much as possible and to minimize contact with other people.
With the goal of being able to ride a motorcycle quickly and clearly, let’s protect ourselves and do our best to overcome this difficulty.


Also, if you think that you are okay with a motorcycle, there is no contact with other people.
If you get injured on a motorcycle, you will have to go to a doctor and not only put a heavy burden on the medical institution, but also increase the risk of getting yourself infected with the virus. Let. .

I think that many people who are looking at the blog here have a certain amount of technology, but there is absolutely no such thing. Even if you ride, be careful with the utmost care and never drive unreasonably!
Try to drive more carefully and avoid driving for long periods of time!
I will try my best to refrain from doing it.

Therefore, I would like to refrain from participating in the Gymchaya cup scheduled for this weekend this time as well.
I regret that I wanted everyone to see the running of the Gixxer 250. .

As the SSB Factory has its own premises, I usually spend most of the day on weekdays without going out of the premises, so my life is no different from normal (^^;
If it is different, it means that you cannot practice on Saturdays and Sundays. .
I want to work hard on Saturdays and Sundays for a while so that I can make a lot of time when I win the virus.

Let’s do our best together. .

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