Friendship Prevails over Virus

Last weekend, a lot of masks were sent by my fellow Gymkhana friends in China to my fellow Gymkhana friends in Japan.

WeChat Image_20200415185144.jpg

And yesterday, my friends and I sorted and sent a lot of masks to all the Gymkhana groups nationwide from “Hokkaido to Okinawa”.
From the SSB Factory, I would like to thank all the people who have been indebted to me for the daily use of the disinfectant solution.


We hope you will share the friendship and sincerity of the Chinese gymkhana rider in the packaging.

WeChat Image_20200415185239.jpg WeChat Image_20200415185322.jpg

To all Gymkhana people in Japan

This time, I received a lot of masks from fellow Chinese Gymkhana riders and sent them to Gymkhana groups all over Japan. I would like to talk a little about this process.

During the conversation in the chat, the virus infection seems to be getting worse in Japan, but do you guys have enough masks? They asked me.

I answered that it is become quite difficult to buy them all over in town.
He said, “It’s tough! Let’s work together to collect masks and send them to Japan!”
The units that they then collected was 9350 pieces, which was a ridiculous big number.

While I think that China is still in a situation where it is still unpredictable, he said, “It’s okay because China can get masks fairly stably!”
And while it was difficult logistically for Mr. Igari to send it over this country, he packed it and sent it to Japan.

I would like to send you a message saying that I will overcome this with the friendship of my fellow Chinese Gymkhana friens.
I pray that no one will be killed in the Gymkhana world, and
Let’s aim at the further development of Gymkhana in the times to come.

We will never forget the friendship between the Chinese and Japan Gymkhana groups.

Yours truly

Detonation = Takayoshi Sakuta 
Prime Racing = Kimie Honma
Motobito = Fumatsu Nakamura

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