New SSB design for GSXR750 2011

This is an SSB for the GSXR750[600] that has been produced for a long time until 2011, but we decided to come here and produce a new model.
At the owner’s request, I tried to challenge myself by wanting something a little smaller.

The former model had a regulator on the left side of the important part, so it was necessary to relocate the regulator when sending and installing it, so it was such a long type of back pipe.

This type will be attached to the relocation stay, and will be made only for those who can consent to use the bolt holes of the cowl stay.
There is no difference in performance because the front side structure and height are the same.

It will be called the joint sale of bumpers for the old and new GSXR750.

IMG_2172 (1).jpeg IMG_2175.jpeg IMG_2180.jpeg IMG_2183.jpeg

This time I also made the rear slider again. .

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