SSB for Honda Grom 125 (MSX 125)

For a long time, we challenged to make SSB for Grom 125,(also called MSX 125) which has been requested by many people.

There is a reason we didn’t meet your request.
I thought that it was difficult to ride in a small car body, and it was difficult to protect it efficiently and increase strength.
The engine is suspended and there is no strong frame or bolt in the front.
There is almost no space left between the tank and the stem when the handle is turned.
Furthermore, when the rider rides, the knees go up to the front, which reduces the number of points that can be attached. ..
I already thought it was impossible to make good things in my head.

However, in the self-restraint of Corona, I suddenly remembered and decided to try.
But after all it is hopeless to see (; ∀;)
But don’t give up. .. .. .. ..
As I thought about it, I gave up on the reinforcing pipes behind. ..
When I gave up, there was a structure that I could come up with, and gradually a good idea came up.

Figure out the structure around the last-minute stem and repeat the trial production of about three pieces. .. ..
Cleared by using even the holes in the frame to make an integrated structure on the left and right.

And the finished Grom 125 SSB
IMG_2289.jpeg IMG_2288.jpeg IMG_2292.jpeg IMG_2293.jpeg
I needed to process the cowl. It was made to feel like it blended into the car body.

The fall test was successfully cleared! However, my vehicle is fixed and has long steps, so the back is high and I feel like leaning forward.
It may be good to shorten the steps.

And around the bare stem
This is a normal cutting angle, so if you attach Duracon etc. to the bumper, it seems that a good handle stopper will be completed.

If you don’t fall down in earnest, you won’t know how strong it is, but if it’s the weight of the Grom, it will withstand it. I think.
In addition, this specification has SSB slider α attached, but it may be better to attach it for Grom also in the sense that it absorbs energy.

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