GENIUS Riding gloves

My hands are very thick. .. And the middle finger of the right hand is missing up to the first joint.

I didn’t get into commercially available gloves, so even if I went to a mass retailer, I had to try it on for about an hour and not try it on.
Even if it is just right, the middle finger is left over and it is difficult to operate. ..

At that time, I met GENIUS “Genius” order gloves.


I was impressed by the ease of operation when I ran with the finished gloves fitted.
After all, running with gloves that fits my hand is as easy to handle as running with bare hands, and it is now indispensable for my running.
It has a high degree of protection and I don’t use plastic sliders,
I feel that it will last much longer than commercially available gloves.
Above all, it’s a custom product, so I’m happy that the repair works. ..

What if you want a higher-grade run? GENIUS! !

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