Basic practice

Various events are restricted by the virus.
As a rider, the first thing to consider is not to bother medical personnel.

It’s a sigh of breath, and I feel that the time has come when we have to restart our activities little by little as long as it doesn’t bother us.
While praying that all the events will start early, I will introduce some of the basic practice on public road machines, although it is a bad excrement.


We are practicing not only to run fast, but also to be able to ride accurately while being aware of body position, brake work, accelerator work, and various other details.

Since the tires are worn down α14, the grip is in a bad state, but how can I change the direction while firmly gripping? Can it be connected to acceleration? Although it is a simple figure eight, there are many places where you can learn.

I want to make a quick gymkhana with Ninja 400~

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