My dream now

MotoGymkhana originated in Japan, and now spreading all over the world. ..
And Kanto is the center of Japan.

Ninja 400 1.jpg

At present, the competitions are held in Kanto at the Dunlop Cup at Tsukuba Circuit Gymkhana and the JAGE Cup at Tomin Motorland.

There are several places to practice, but basically, the situation continues to be to reserve a place where you can make a reservation instead of a dedicated course.

At that time, PPS “Pylon Park Suzuka”, a place where people could practice freely, started operating in the Chubu area.

As I’ve been thinking for a long time, my dream nowadays is to say that I want to create a course exclusively for Moto Gymkhana in the Kanto area.
When it is actually made, it requires enormous cost and space.
Is there a good place to keep in mind? I’m seeing. ..
What should I do about the cost? I’m thinking.
It’s a very difficult problem, but I don’t want to dream, but want to make it a reality, or to make a dream end in a dream. ..
I think so.

Want to share your dreams together?
I’m looking forward to good information~

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