July 5, JAGE training guerrilla cup held

The events of the 2020 season have been canceled due to the influence of corona, but the official practice session JAGE will be held this weekend.
Originally it was the second round of JAGE Cup on Sunday, but the tournament was canceled and changed to a practice session.
Ninja 400.jpg

But it’s not fun just to have a practice session~
Therefore, we will hold a guerrilla cup in the morning of JAGE training on “Sunday” on July 5th.

It’s a record-breaking event at the Yuryuru competition. , Entry is only accepted on the day.
The starting order is from those who are ready. ..
No signal start.
Penalty is OK with feet
Pylons take a penalty only when Marshall has to fix them.
But I’m going to give a solid result, and if I can, I’d like to give a prize as well.
Marshall cannot be done without your cooperation. Thank you.
I’m looking for someone to cooperate with me at the meeting, so thank you.
“I would like to put out as much as possible with detonation, but I’m sure there are not enough people, so I appreciate it.”

Is it okay if there are a few marshalls on the course? I feel like that.
Well, please don’t make any complaints.

Scheduled for the day.

8:00 Gate open
9:00 Start accepting competitions “9:45 until reception is closed”
~9:45 Course Walk
9:45~ Easy rider’s meeting
10:00~12:00 Measurement

Why don’t you feel the tension of two time attacks after a long absence?
Let’s have fun~


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