Suzuki Djebel 250 SSB

This time, we made Suzuki Jebel SSB.
This type of bike usually takes the form of a foot guard, but since Jebel is often used for touring, city use, and running on forest roads, I installed it on a slightly higher place like a normal bumper.
It will protect your entire foot, and it would be interesting to attach equipment such as fog lights.
I was also worried about how to attach it, but if you attach a pipe going to the back, the strength will surely increase, but with a trail where the knee is in the front, it may cause injury due to this, so only on the front side I paid it.

IMG_0389.jpeg IMG_0390.jpeg IMG_0391.jpeg IMG_0393.jpeg IMG_0396.jpeg

It is refreshing, but it protects the important points. And it is completed with a good feeling that future development is possible.

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