SIZ system timing gate

Since before, we have been selling simple photocell timing gates, which are photocell systems for individual practice.
Here, the photoelectric cell system sold by our company is renamed to SIZ system.

The simple photocells that have been sold up to now are called SIZ system type A.

And we have begun to sell the long-awaited type B of the photocell system that can accommodate multiple units.
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The characteristic of Type B is that it is a wireless photocell.
With one USB power supply “mobile battery”, you can operate one main unit and two photocells.
“In the test, it is a performance that it can operate at 10,000mah for 4 days.”

Since it is a wireless type, it is possible to freely arrange the start and finish positions without the need for complicated wiring.
The accuracy is 1/10000 seconds, so there is no problem in measuring 1/1000 seconds.

It is easy to confirm that multiple cars “up to 20 cars” will enter the course and the number of cars will always be displayed.

“It is a display saying that the last person who entered the car while 3 cars were driving from the left side was 5 seconds 95.”

It is the display after the goal.

It’s 1 minute 04 seconds 140. “Displayed for 10 seconds by default”

You can also cancel the next goal by running the switch next to the main unit.

For the start and finish photocells, you can adjust the time from turning off the phototube to the next operation in 0 to 30 seconds.
“Initial setting is 5 seconds”

Although it is a very compact photocell system, it can measure multiple units wirelessly and has a large enough bright display board.
SIZ system type B.

How is it?

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