Say hello to my little friend …

Report that a new partner has arrived.

The new companion is Hunter Cub.

The Super Cub was also good, but I was thinking about switching to the Cross Cub because I had a problem with the position being a little tight, but if I switch, it’s a Hunter Cub.
It is a transfer by saying that.

When I bought it and ran it, it was very torqueful and undercarriage, and the engine was very good.
There were three points that I couldn’t forgive as a turnip, so I made improvements.

① It’s not a turnip without a leg shield! !! !! “It’s a complete personal feeling.”

② I need a screen that can run at any time

③ It’s not a turnip unless it comes with a chain case that dramatically eliminates maintenance! !!
“This is also a complete personal feeling.”

It is a hunter cub SSB version of the cub main Bunta that was completed by saying that.
Commercially available screens have a large gap with the headlights and are not cool, so I made a stay and finished it neatly.
Speaking of turnips, it is a chain case. !!
The whole image. ..


I also added fog lights because the lights are a little dark. ..
As a hunter cub? ?? ?? Although it has become a specification with some points, a hunter cub that focuses on my usage and is completed.

Now that the Ninja 400 has been completed, I would like to enjoy not only the practice session but also the Kabuto this winter.

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