With SSB crash guards you can put in your 100% all the time, every time.
With the peace of mind that in case of fall, you and your vehicle would be able to get away without major damage at all…

Perfect your skills either on the track or on the road

SSB Factory products
Let us take the hit.

Takayoshi Sakuta

Takayoshi sakuta
CEO of ssb factory

Founder of SSB Factory and A-class moto gymkhana rider. The man that made this all happen. Moto Gymkhana experience for over 30 years and counting. Follow him on his blog or his youtube channel. 😉

Mrs. Sakuta
Logistics manager

Manages the logistics here in the Factory and makes things get where they need to go.

Looking forward to send your items to you. No matter where you might be in the world.

Shigeo Sato
Expert Metal Engineer

With 10 years of experience at the Factory, Shigeo makes sure all our end products are super shiny and of tip-top quality.

Working at SSB Factory is a great joy, everyday there is something new and exciting to tackle that comes through the door of the workshop.

Jan-Ove Wada Stien
International Communications

My goal is to give motorcycle
riders over the world access to our amazing products supplied here at SSB Factory.

SSB bumpers are guaranteed to give you a new experience of peace of mind while riding in any kind of application, be it street or sport.
I speak Japanese, English and Norwegian. You most likely will be talking to me when inquiring internationally. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.