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We’re doing it again this year “Run with The KING Sakuta Event”

The event will be held again this year at Tsukinowa Driving School in Shiga Prefecture. Let’s Run with KIG Sakuta DAY   I’m by no means good at teaching, but [...]

JAGE Cup Weekend

It seems that many people from the JAGE training the day before joined, but I can’t keep up with my current physical condition, so I went to a nearby mountain [...]

CB1000R HMS vehicle introduction

At the request of Honda HMS, we fitted a SSB bumper + HMS pipe + SSB slider α + rear slider + new muffler guard to a CB1000R. The radiator [...]

Introducing my new partner

Introducing our new partner.   This is the 2023 model of the Kawasaki Z650. I have two touring bikes, an NC750X for long distance touring and a CB125R for short [...]

What I’m working hard on now.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with setting up the Z250SL and practicing with it.   What you can practice when using an SL is how to pick up engine power by [...]

The video of the ZRX1200 in the rain has been viewed over 1 million times.

The fourth Dunlop event of 2022 took place in heavy rain. The video of me riding the ZRX1200R has been viewed an astonishing 1 million times.   I’m very happy [...]

Z250SL Gymchaya Cup

I participated in the second round of the 2024 Jimuchaya Cup. This time, the borrowed class will be the Z250SL and the main class will be the KX112.   Three [...]

Z250SL full computer setup continued

When setting up the ARACER, it is essential to use a wideband O2 sensor to get as close as possible to the ideal air-fuel ratio. From there we move on [...]

Z250SL ARACER full computer setup

The Z250SL’s engine has been tuned by Suzuka Porting, the same company that worked on the Ninja 400. That said, no aftermarket parts are used and the tuning is done [...]

Z250SL Gymkhana spec in production

I’ve had a Z250SL for a while now, but I’ve been using it on the circuit, lending it to friends, and going to mountain passes. I’ve used it in a [...]

Saku Parada Ski Resort Bike Practice Area

Regarding the motorcycle practice area that is being operated using the parking lot of Parada Ski Resort in Saku City, Nagano Prefecture We wanted to make Parada Ski Resort a [...]

2024 Dunlop Cup Round 2

I participated in the second round of the Dunlop Cup. The challenge will see the team change tires from CST CM-SRR to Dunlop TT93GP. The cornering speed on this course [...]

Dunlop TT93GP from CST CM-SRR

The Dunlop Cup, the last of a three-week tournament series, will be held this weekend.   Starting with the Chubu Moto Gymkhana Tournament on May 3rd, and the Tohoku Moto [...]

2023 Triumph Speed Triple SSB Crash Guard

for 2023 Triumph Speed Triple This time, we created an SSB for the new Speed Triple. No modification to the vehicle body is required, and it can be installed by [...]

2023 Ehime Dunlop Cup Expedition

I went to the Ehime Dunlop Gymkhana tournament, which I go to for the final race every year.   This time I was riding a KX112 and a small bike, [...]

Dunlop training CB750 and KX112

Yesterday, the last Dunlop practice of the year was held at Tsukuba Circuit Gymkhana. I think all the participants had fun running on a warm day that was hard to [...]

How I use the CB125R

I bought the CB125R, which I had always wanted, and finally started serious touring on the Chorotto Pass. The first CB125R I rode was a JC79 with an OHC engine, [...]

Introducing my new partner

I’ve been interested in this machine ever since I made the bumper and took it for a test drive. I remember that I really liked it and it had a [...]

New 2024 Nikken SSB Crash guards

for new NIKEN This time, we created an SSB for the new NIKEN released in 2023. Although the creation of this NIKEN SSB looks easy, it turned out to be [...]

VTR test drive

At the practice session the other day, I got to test drive my friend’s VTR250, Spada 250, and others.   First of all, Spada 250 It was a little difficult [...]

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