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Frequently Asked Questions

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By default we send all our international orders via UPS and we take a flate rate. Prices will differ from your location.
We offer free shipping for orders with combined value of 170,000JPY (1500USD) and above
Some countries will charge import tax prior to/upon/after arrival. Please check with your local authorities if you are uncertain.

We currently accept Major Credit Cards and Paypal.

It depends of which country you are living in, but usually delivery time is somewhere between 3~10 days. Although since most of our products are made upon order, some cases we will need up to 6 weeks for production. Considering this, we ask for at least 52 days for total process of the following. Order -> Production -> Sending -> Delivery  


If you take a look at our URL which is usually in the top of your browser under your tabs, you will see a https:// mark. This means that all communication between your computer and our servers are encrypted. Thus all your personal information will be safe with us.

After we receive your order, we will let you know how long the current estimated production time is to be expected. If this matches your schedule we will start production accordingly. We will need to have your motorcycles model name, make and year and perhaps some pictures to be sure it’s the correct motorcycle. If you have this ready when you place your order this will speed up the production process. Please type this information in the remarks field when you are placing your order, or even if you forget to do so please send us an message in reply to your order confirmation email. When your turn comes along the Factory will start production. After this is finished we will promptly send the items out to your delivery location. You will be notified of a tracking number and packing invoice at this time. Please be aware that in some countries you may need to pay import tax for your items prior to/upon/after arrival. Please check with your local authorities if this can be an issue.

Yes. You will get an invoice by email and a copy sent together inside the package. Please let us know if you will have invoices addressed to a certain organization or company beforehand if this is needed.

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You can request custom made bumpers and rear sliders from this form as well. Parts that you have seen on our blog and is not listed on our Online shop may also have possibility to send internationally.
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