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gear change

A gear change that is normally used by people who go touring and those who [...]

Master the TT93GP tires @ JAGE Cup Round 3 !

I went to the JAGE Cup Round 3 held on September 3rd. The weather is [...]

ZRX1200 after a long absence

Recently, I’ve been riding only the KX112SM, and I haven’t ridden the ZRX1200 for half [...]

Tsukinowa driving school Let’s run with KING Sakuta DAY

Finally approaching next week, “Let’s run with KING Sakuta-san DAY” It will be held at [...]

Oyaki and Sea of Japan Touring

It’s not the time to do gymkhana all the time! So, I went touring with [...]

2023 Office Chaya Cup Round 3

I went to the 3rd round of the office teahouse cup held at the scorching [...]

Tri Gymkhana Tournament!

Tri Gymkhana Tournament. As for the course, I used Tamada Circuit, which is a fairly [...]

Participating in Trigymkhana but sightseeing

Hiroshima participated in the second round of Tri Gymkhana held at Tamada Circuit. To get [...]