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2019 Gym-Chaya Japan 1st round

Ran with the the 2019 Kawasaki Z250SL. And its a WINNER !!! This time I decided to run the 2019 Kawasaki Z250SL in the additional class to see how much potential I could get out of the tournament against the Ninja 400 for setup confirmation. The Kawasaki Z250SL has just a stock vehicle body and […]

Lack of instantaneous force…? my Ninja 400

I went to the second round of Dunlop. As a result, it was translated as A-grade seventh place, but it became a tournament that recognizes the current defects of the machine again. It is very bad acceleration to mid speed. If engine rotation goes up, it will accelerate moderately, but anyway, the interval from the […]

A practice meeting in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture

Shiga Prefecture has participated as a lecturer in the form of a lecturer at the two-wheeled joint training and mock competitions held at the Otsu Ring School. The weather forecast is gradually getting better though I was giving up on Saturday and Sunday with no rain forecast. . . I finally decided to go and […]

Will start Sakuta MotoGymkhana School this season

I decided to hold the Sakuta Gymkhana School, which I talked about the other day. I think this riding school will be a little different form a regular riding school. While there are various riding styles, and I respect this. This time, I will explain the contents and riding theories that I have kept in […]

SSB stock muffler guard for Kawasaki Z400 2019~ model

I made muffler guards today following the SSB crash bars for the Kawasaki Z400 2019~ model  which I made last week. Although it slightly may get in the way for Moto Gymkhana use,(touching pylons etc..)  it will be a necessary add-on for the motorcycle safety driving competition vehicle regulation. The slider end can be changed […]

SSB crash bars for Kawasaki Z400 2019~ model

Although it is a vehicle that has just been released, I was able to make SSBs for the new Kawasaki Z400. As some know already the Kawasaki Z400 has been chosen for this year’s national safety driving technique middle class vehicle in Japan. That is why Kawasaki Heavy Industries has requested me to make competition […]

Turn signal transfer adapter kit for Yamaha MT09 2017 ~

The Yamaha MT-09 has moved the position of the turn signal from the 2017 model This results in that it will get in the way when installing our SSB bumpers. We needed to relocate the turn signal. Considering the performance, strength and appearance of the bumper, we have responded by relocating the turn signal instead […]