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Translated from Japanese.

Suzuki Gixxer 250 Test Drive First Impression by SSB

I would like to continue the test drive of the Jigsar 250, which will be launched in Japan at last. This machine is a model equipped with a newly developed 250 oil-cooled single engine on the frame of the Jigsar 150, which has been evaluated for ease of riding. Naturally, how much gymkhana potential is […]

Journey around the Moto-Gymkhana training venue in the Chubu district

I took part in a training session at Pylon Park Suzuka and Krisp during the consecutive holidays in February. After finishing work on Friday, move to Hamamatsu and depart Hamamatsu early in the morning on Saturday. . This is my recent trend when going to the Kansai area. . The first PPS has arrived at […]

Holiday announcement due to expedition to Beijing

During the period from October 18th to 23rd, I will be away for participation in events held in Beijing China, so the SSB factory will also be closed. I’m meeting up with my Chinese friends, but I don’t think I can reply because it’s not an environment where I can email. Please note. The weather […]