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SSB for Honda Hawk11

for HAWK11 This time, I made SSB for Honda’s new vehicle HAWK11.   This vehicle is a very difficult vehicle to make a bumper, and even if you think about [...]

If can’t beat them… join them

I bought a 12-inch version of the KX112, but how far can I run with this machine? It is a vehicle purchased for the challenge called. I plan to run [...]

A new companion. .

The long-awaited youngest child has finally arrived. Vehicle KX112 + 12 inch specification for 12 inch challenge.   I bought a friend’s spare machine, installed safety parts at Subaru Craft, [...]

I tried running with Grom 125 / MSX125

I participated in the practice meeting as well as the final adjustment of the Z900. Various balances have improved, and I’ve been able to get decent times from the first [...]

Okutama bike tour

Yesterday, I went on a walking tour of Okutama in the fine weather. A side street in Okutama that you don’t know much about. It is a walk on the [...]


for KLX230 This time, I made SSB for KLX230. In the motard model, the rider’s feet come far in front, so the structure that the rider’s feet hit is not [...]

Excitement for 12 inches

I used to have a KSRII, and I used to race it in Kawasaki’s super bikers mini race. Maybe the biggest trophy you have right now is the trophy from [...]

Vision of a perfect Regulation for Moto-Gymkhana

I think the current regulations of Moto Gymkhana have a lot of remnants from when Gymkhana started. In the past, it was mainly used for driving lessons and HMS courses, [...]

New Regulation??

I think the current regulations of Moto Gymkhana have a lot of remnants from when Gymkhana started. In the past, it was mainly used for driving lessons and HMS courses, [...]

Setting of Kawasaki Z900SE unfinished

The Z900SE should finally be installed, although the parts have been installed and it is basically the final specification. After all, it is natural, but the setting is not likely [...]

2023 Dunlop Cup Round 1

Yesterday I participated in the 2023 Dunlop Cup Round 1. It was a race in the cold rain, but I was able to run with some peace of mind because [...]

The 2023 Japan series will begin

The Japanese 2023 Moto Gymkhana series is about to begin. I can’t wait to see what kind of season it will be.   This year’s main bike is the Kawasaki [...]

Z900SE finishing touches before the season start

The Z900SE was just finished just in time for the Dunlop Cup. The full exhaust muffler was also delivered, so I made a muffler guard for it and set it [...]

Vehicle weighing instrument

This time, I tried to make a more compact shape so that the vehicle weight can be easily measured. Unlike using a weight scale, the power does not go off, [...]

2023 Gym Chaya Cup Round 1

In order to decide the 2023 specifications of the Z900SE, we started from the previous day’s Satokana training. Based on what we have tested so far, in order to optimize [...]

With the legends

From March 6th to 8th, I went on a touring trip from Hamamatsu to Aichi with Mr. Igari. Even if I say touring, more than half of it was for [...]

Dunlop cup signup has started!

The reception for the 1th match of the 2023 season is now open. Corona has also opened and the reception method has returned to the previous form. It will be [...]

Competition Vehicle weight

We are currently developing a system to measure vehicle weight for the future. . Well, it’s not a big deal, but I think it will be useful for something in [...]

It’s getting there!

I’ve been studying the Z900 bike since the latter half of last year, and from that data, I’ve redesigned the spring rate, final, and everything else. I took it to [...]

Setup failure and success

In the previous article, I wrote about making the Z900 final long.   Why didn’t you do the math yourself? It’s strange When I calculated the total final ratio of [...]