2023 Ehime Dunlop Cup Expedition

I went to the Ehime Dunlop Gymkhana tournament, which I go to for the final race every year.


This time I was riding a KX112 and a small bike, so I used my own highly maneuverable Step Wagon for transportation.
The usual route is to take the Orange Ferry from Osaka Nanko to Toyo Port in Ehime. .
It’s great to use this ferry because it’s easy and you can use your time meaningfully.


I practiced the day before to get my body used to the machine, and then it was time for the actual race.


What kind of scenery will the narrow two-wheeled park look like if you ride the KX112? I was really looking forward to it.
This course was quite difficult and there were many people who couldn’t complete it.
I was riding on a ZRX1200 last year, so I was secretly thinking that the course would feel wider this year.
There’s no such thing as a struggle, just clear the challenge of barely passing the tires of any machine to conquer this course.
I was able to run without feeling any big difference.
With the ZRX, you can take advantage of the acceleration and make small turns, but when driving with the KX, you open the accelerator wide early in order to squeeze out the acceleration.
The narrow course makes it feel like you’re going to run out, making it very difficult to attack.
I think there’s a lot to be gained from this course if you want to train your driving skills to make the most of the KX. .
Thanks to all of you, we were able to win the overall championship.
I want to ride the KX112 again next year.


This time I came by Stepwagon, so I’m sure I’ll be able to drive on the mountain roads of Shikoku! So, I was able to take my wife to Shikoku Karst for the first time.
I was the first to receive the fir tree cheesecake.


And sunny karst! it’s the best.
After that, I drove on R439 on the Kochi side.
Looking at the submerged bridge
I thoroughly enjoyed Shikoku.


What I thought was the most rewarding part of this trip was the Shimanto and Tama-eel rice bowl that I ate at the roadside station Shimanto! !
This was so delicious that it surpassed B-class gourmet food. I felt like I was getting even better by knowing that I could only eat it at this roadside station.


I was staying in Beppu, Kyushu, for tonight, so I took a ferry from Yawatahama to Kyushu.
I wanted to try it at least once! Uwajima Ferry
Since I come to Kyushu almost every year, this time I decided to skip sightseeing and instead visit a motorcycle practice range.
First, there were several people who were doing basic training at the Asakura City Motorcycle Transportation Park.
I had a brief conversation with a person who is in his 70s.
You can use a course of this size for free! But it is amazing.
It was a series of envious words. . .


Next is the 2-wheel park in Miyawaka City. This one is a little small, but it’s enough for a small number of people.
This is also free…I’m really jealous that Kyushu has understanding politicians and government offices.


In the evening, we left Kyushu on the famous ferry and headed home.


By switching to KX112, I was able to go on expeditions where I could see different scenery.
This is also a good thing. .
Where should I go next year?


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