How I use the CB125R

I bought the CB125R, which I had always wanted, and finally started serious touring on the Chorotto Pass.
The first CB125R I rode was a JC79 with an OHC engine, but my bike is a JC91 with a DOHC engine.
It seems that everything other than the engine is basically the same.


Now, when I look at this bike again and ride it, I find that there are parts that are typical of Honda, and parts that are not typical of Honda.
It’s really easy to ride! However, even though it is a 125, it has poor footing and the engine is very busy with the cross transmission.
The undercarriage is quite hard and 125cc makes it difficult to believe that this is a vehicle made for beginners.
This is probably a unique choice from a manufacturer that produces many 125cc models for the general public such as Grom, Cub, and Monkey.
Just like Kawasaki’s 250SL series, it’s quite an enthusiast’s build.
This is a machine that is easy to drive.


This vehicle has a very light engine placed relatively low at the back, and the rider’s riding position is high in the front.
Even harder undercarriage. . Moreover, the tire “F110/70-17 R150/60-17” is unnecessarily thick for this class.
With this setting, the weight of the bike alone will not be enough to give the tires the desired load, so the rider should be more active in applying the load!
Isn’t that what you’re saying? .
There is plenty of rear traction, but if you ride incorrectly, the rear will become thinner. . .
This is a vehicle where you want to use the rear suspension stroke a little more. . “I want an external suspension.”


And the engine. I myself have ridden many 125CC class bikes, but this one’s engine is first class.
It rotates smoothly from bottom to top without any stress, but at medium speeds and below it sticks well and doesn’t turn in any way.
That’s why I’m not bad at running smoothly. Moreover, it is fun to use up in missions that cross high rotation speeds.


this engine
is for city use only. The fuel efficiency is very good in this range and can record 45-50km/L.
You can comfortably ride sports on relatively flat roads, and you can even record 40-45km/L.
Good balance between fuel efficiency and power
This is an area where you can enjoy comfortable sports riding with an engine that continues to grow. .
Is it an area where you can enjoy the tough mountain passes? ?
However, this is also an area where fuel efficiency suddenly drops to around 30km/L.
Despite being 125cc, this engine can be used in a variety of ways. . . It’s very nice.


And since I used all the range, the overall fuel efficiency was 42km/L, which was a great result.
With a tank capacity of 10L, you can easily run 400km, and its performance is irresistible.
And regular


If I had any complaints, would it be the brakes and clutch?
Are brakes easy for everyone to use? The initial effect is weak and it feels a bit tiring.
The clutch is light, but my wrists are a little bent in relation to the angle and width of the handlebars, so I’d say it became difficult to hold the clutch in the second half.
I feel that if we improve this area, it will be a very enjoyable machine for day trip touring.
Now, where should I go next?

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