Dunlop training CB750 and KX112

Yesterday, the last Dunlop practice of the year was held at Tsukuba Circuit Gymkhana.
I think all the participants had fun running on a warm day that was hard to believe for December.
This time’s course was laid out with maximum safety in mind, and we aimed to create a course where you can run as many times as you want.
Did you enjoy running? From my impressions, I think it was a very good course. I thought.


Speaking of me, since it’s the off-season, I brought my CB750 + Dunlop Road Smart 4 along for practice as well. 00504670N000000000/162787683281617511674.jpg
There is no need for tire warmers and the performance is sufficient.
I continued running with the beginners with yellow bibs as much as possible.
As long as you run course slalom, you have the flexibility to run in 1st to 3rd gears.
An engine with smooth characteristics. . The bank angle is a little small, but it’s very stable when running in that range.
It’s an easy bike to ride and a great learning experience.
In fact, as I continued to run yesterday, I wondered about this? ? I found a way to ride, and I was practicing quietly by myself.


Time attack time for the staff, which is only allowed during the lunch break. Because it’s a big deal
I tried two attacks with CB750 and four attacks with KX112.


It’s a completely different vehicle, so I wonder if I can switch to it right away and attack with all my might? I thought so, but
With a lot of effort, I was able to almost set the top time.
The tires were CST’s SM-SRR, and they ran well.
I think some of the running performance of the KX112 could be used in the CB750, and some of the running performance of the CB750 could also be used in the KX112.
For a rider’s skill, riding various machines is all about enriching oneself.
I was able to think about it again. I would like to enjoy riding the CB750, ZRX1200, etc. this off-season as well.

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