VTR test drive

At the practice session the other day, I got to test drive my friend’s VTR250, Spada 250, and others.


First of all, Spada 250
It was a little difficult to ride due to the lack of low speed power and high idling, so I asked them to lower the idling to normal.
I had the emblem in good condition.
Still, it was a little difficult to get the right timing to turn as it was a slow-moving vehicle, but overall it was easy to ride.
I wasn’t able to improve my time due to lack of power at the start, but it was a very fun machine.


The next ride was C1’s VTR250.
This car has a lot of power, and I felt like I could move the machine forward by being able to control the start-up easily.
The suspension had no feeling of rear stroke overall, but “I think it was because we were running at a fairly deep position due to the difference in weight.”
Compared to that, the front stroke was fast and I could see some parts that I couldn’t stand, but that was because I was riding it.
I think you can withstand your own weight and running.
I think there is a way to create a VTR in this way.
It seems that the time ratio of KX112 + CST was 105%, so it’s a good time for about 4 attacks.
I thought the machine had potential.
It was a short test drive for both machines, so I had a hard time grasping the characteristics of the machines.
It’s fun to bring out the performance of a machine. .
If anyone is willing to lend me a bike, please let me know.


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