New 2024 Nikken SSB Crash guards

for new NIKEN

This time, we created an SSB for the new NIKEN released in 2023.
Although the creation of this NIKEN SSB looks easy, it turned out to be a very difficult frame due to its quirks.
Considering the engine hanger bolt as a base, the front frame pipe is too inclined.
I decided that the bumper would become vulnerable to the energy of falling.
Therefore, if you place it in a somewhat ideal position, there will be no support on the back side.
We created a new back plate and created a structure to catch the energy there.
The shape is similar to the previous one for NIKEN, but the structure is completely different.
IMG_1159.JPG IMG_1166.JPG
The specifications for this vehicle include an SSB slider α, but if possible, I think it would be better to add an SSB slider α to absorb as much energy as possible.
What do you think?
I also made a rear slider, so please take a look.

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