Introducing my new partner

I’ve been interested in this machine ever since I made the bumper and took it for a test drive.
I remember that I really liked it and it had a great balance.
Maybe it’s good among friends! this machine. This is the machine that has always been said to be.


It is Honda CB125R


The frame was the same machine as the CB250R, but its contents were completely different from the 250.
While the CB250R is a beginner-friendly bike, the CB125R is more suitable for advanced users. .
You might think it’s for beginners because it’s light and powerless, but you’ll need some skill to ride this! !
Ride with care! It feels like
Having said that, it’s a bike made by the world-famous Honda company, so it’s naturally easy to get used to.
125cc with straightforward handling and low-speed torque that makes it difficult to stall.


According to what I hear, the 250 was made for the domestic market, and the 125 was made for the European market.
I can understand that.


This machine is a 2021 model with a DOHC engine.
I got a used vehicle that had only been driven 1600km.


This is my impression after riding it.
The first thing I thought when I straddled it was how high the seat height and low steering wheel were.
The short tank and flat handle make it feel like you’re riding a Motard machine.
And as a 125, the hard suspension gives you a feeling of running.


When you start the engine, it starts with plenty of low-speed torque that you wouldn’t believe is 125cc.
It has enough tenacity and torque that you can easily start the engine without stalling even if you engage the clutch in 2nd gear.


From there, when you twist the accelerator, the engine and the cross mission will increase the vehicle speed smoothly and stress-free.
If you use up to 6000 rpm, you can lead the four wheels even on a two-lane road.


If you use it above 7000rpm and up to the red zone of 10000rpm, there will be no dramatic acceleration or growth, but if you use it with enough power and a cross mission, you will be able to enjoy fun sports riding.


Cornering can be enjoyed with normal neutral handling, but if you apply a firm front load and enter the corner,
It begins to turn with a turning performance unlike anything before.
The luxurious inverted front fork, luxurious radial caliper, and rear suspension have a slightly narrow range of motion, but they track the car well.
You can jump into corners with confidence.


This is the direction I have based this machine.
The frame is basically the same for the 250. .
However, the engine is nearly 15kg lighter than the 250, and the engine is located low and relatively far back. .
On the other hand, the tank is short, the seat position is slightly forward, and the seat height is high and the steering wheel is low.
This is a machine that comes alive when the rider actively applies front load.
A highly rigid inverted fork and radial caliper brakes will handle it.
This kind of construction targets medium to high speeds, and requires repeated shifts in busy missions. .
These machines require skill from the rider. . Honda has made a pretty fun machine.
That’s what I personally think.
However, this configuration may not be suitable for gymkhana (lol)


I’m looking forward to walking with this buddy from now on.

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