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About the vehicle inspection after MT 07 ECU rewriting

We tested CO concentrations in normal mufflers and external mufflers with ECUs rewritten in my vehicle As a result, the CO test can be cleared without problems even with a normal muffler or an external muffler. However, as the value changes even with air cleaner, engine oil, etc., depending on the situation There might be […]

SSB for Honda VFR 750 F "RC 24]

This time I made SSB for Honda VFR 750F. It is very simple to say that this vehicle will be on sale in 1986, so it was easy to make. Structural enough strength was also obtained, and lightweight and sufficiently protective thing was completed. We cleared the fall test successfully. How is it? http://zrx-drz.at.webry.info/201606/article_1.html Like […]