Honda GB350 SSB Crash Bars

SSB Crash Bars for Honda GB350

This time I made an SSB for GB350.
I tried my best to create a bumper that suits the classically shaped GB.
IMG_0916 (2).jpgIMG_0918 (2).jpgIMG_0919 (2).jpgIMG_0929 (2).jpg
This time I also made a muffler guard and rear slider. We have also made a jig for the muffler guard, so it can be manufactured.
IMG_0927 (2).jpg


The pipe going to the back is also narrowed so that it does not pinch your feet or get in the way.
IMG_0936 (2).jpg


IMG_0925 (2).jpg


With this specification, if you fall, the pedals will barely touch the ground.
IMG_0939.jpg IMG_0941.jpg


What do you think?


This type is the normal type, but we are also planning to produce a Honda Traffic Education Center Rainbow specification later on.
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