KX112SM biggest weakness

After riding the KX112SM, I realized that its lightness and good suspension tracking are great weapons.
However, the biggest weakness is acceleration from extremely low speeds. . I think it all boils down to that.
Lack of acceleration, especially after continuous slow opening and closing. . If this part can be improved, it will be easy to improve my time by about 1%.
Recently, the temperature has been around 35 degrees, and under that temperature, the extremely low speed of the 2st 112CC engine will be extremely poor.
This was the time when his greatest weakness was brought to full play.
Even so, I was able to get some results because of the lightness! I think it’s because of the good suspension.
This engine does not come with any extra parts such as Recluse.
Therefore, even in the extremely low speed range, the engine drops considerably since speed = engine rotation speed.
Vehicles equipped with Recluse run with the engine running at high speeds in this area, which covers the weak points.
However, I don’t like it, so I don’t plan on adding a recluse.
So how do we cover it? but. .
① Make the final shorter. .
②Recover from extremely low speeds with half-clutch. . .
③Improvement of engine characteristics. .


The ② half-clutch is quite difficult and I don’t think it will go well.
It seems that improvement of the engine in ③ is still a long way off.


The next thing you can do is shorten the final (1)! is not it. .
I feel that if you shorten even just one gun, the acceleration will be much better.
However, the gear’s range of protection is naturally narrower.
This means that you will need to repeatedly shift up and down even more frequently. .
But if things go well, I’m sure it will improve my time.


The KX is fun to drive while shifting, which makes it even more fun. .


By the way, the difference in gear ratio between 2nd and 3rd gear is 0.2, so there is a difference of 3 gears in the rear gears.
This means that 3rd gear will be around 2.7 speeds, which means that the range of protection for 3rd gear will increase.
This may also be a good trend. . .
Now, what kind of running will it lead to? I’m excited myself~


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