There is one bike that I am very interested in right now.
The car name is CB125R There is a CB250R that is often used at Gymkhana, but they are brother and sister cars that share the frame suspension etc.
Since it’s 125cc, I know it’s not a machine that can run fast at Gymkhana.
But isn’t this how you wanted to make a CB-R type bike? You can see that.


The engine is about 13kg lighter than the 250, and the engine is located relatively low for a Honda series.
The torque is evenly exerted from low rotation to high rotation according to the mission and information that are relatively crossed. .
The seat position and seat height are about 150mm forward. . Wide handle. .
This guy is definitely not for beginners! Isn’t it the kind of thing that challenges veteran riders? That’s what I think.
It’ll be fun if you run this thing well! ! Isn’t that what it is?
Rumor has it that it was made to sell to discerning riders in Europe rather than in Japan. . .
And a sophisticated design not found in Japanese cars


I was intrigued, so I decided to rent a test car and drive around for a while.


Now, what will be your evaluation after actually riding it?
stay tuned. . (lol)

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