Master the TT93GP tires @ JAGE Cup Round 3 !

I went to the JAGE Cup Round 3 held on September 3rd.
The weather is sunny! The temperature is close to 35 degrees, so it’s the last competition of the year in the heat wave.


Since the KX112 has been equipped with CST’s CM-SRR for a long time, it is necessary to change the setup when wearing the Dunlop TT93GP.
Well, even when I was wearing the CM-SRR, it was light and compact, so I didn’t feel the need for a delicate setup, and I was relying on the potential of the CM-SRR.
However, the TT93GP, which has a little less potential, can’t run without a setup, so I tried to finish the machine out of a sense of crisis.
The photo is irrelevant (;^_^A


1st moto I tried running with the set that I matched at the last practice session, but it felt a little heavy with the front starting up a little late.
Hard to get into rhythm. .
However, I was able to finish in 5th place overall.


On this course, after the slalom, there are several places where you can turn back and stand up, and there are pylons on the outside of the stand that get in the way.
The 2st, which has a small engine displacement, had a lot of very painful sections, so it was tough.
Anyway, it doesn’t accelerate from the dropped state. .


After watching the video during the lunch break, I decided to change the setup a bit and challenged the second heat.


second heat
The setup felt good, and when the brake input increased during the time attack, it became a good posture and it became very easy to attack.
Were you able to make full use of the performance of the TT93GP, which is generally said to be less competitive?
I was able to finish in 4th place overall, 1.6 seconds faster than the first heat.
Video from another direction


It was a course where I entered up to 4th gear, but I didn’t miss any shifts and I feel like I’ve gotten used to the KX.
I will only run the TT93GP at the Dunlop competition, but please set it up properly.
If you manage the air pressure, it’s a tire that can handle this level of running, right? I tought.
With CM-SRR, it will increase by more than 1% from here, so I think it would be nice if the tires weren’t tied (laughs).

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