Dunlop Cup JAPAN 2023 Motorcycle Gymkhana

How many years has it been already?
Dunlop Cup Japan was held at Tomin Motorland in Ibaraki.
I participate in all JAPAN, but in recent years I no longer participate as a representative.
I’m feeling relaxed, but a little lonely these days. (lol) I guess I’ll do my best to aim for the national team next year.


The day before was JAGE training, so I was participating for two days.
I had taken the day off last week due to illness, so I was careful not to run out of strength.


This year’s JAPAN will be held at Tomin Motorland, where the running time is fixed, as 205 people have pre-registered.
I think it was a stressful and difficult situation for all the staff. Thank you for your good work.
It was amazing that everything was completed within the running time.
This course was a course with smooth flow and lots of acceleration and deceleration to prevent trouble.
Tough on minis! Some people said that, but re-accelerating from the point where the car was dropped was a really difficult part.
However, if we can take advantage of the turning power and deceleration due to the light weight, will we be able to compete equally? That’s what I thought.


In the first heat, I tried to shift without pulling too hard.
This machine is a machine that always shifts while driving on any course.
This time I drove up to 5th gear.
I think people who are watching the car will find it somewhat refreshing to see the car use so many shifts.


I didn’t make any major mistakes, but overall I felt like I was running safely.
I didn’t fully trust the TT93GP, which I only wear for competitions, at the very end, and maybe because of the bias structure, even when I put a load on it.
Do you feel like your riding rhythm is being disrupted a little by the lack of turning ability?


I ran the second heat trying to improve on my results from the first heat.
Can we trust the tires a little more? I tried my best to say that.
The grip level is tolerable, but I am dissatisfied with the turning performance, and the speed range is lower than that of the CST.
My time also dropped from the first heat, but the data shows that when there is torque without pulling too hard,
I learned that it would probably be faster to shift.



As a result, I finished in 18th place in A class and 19th place overall.


For me, this machine, this tire, did I do my best on this course? I think it was a run that made me think.
Although I didn’t get an award, I was honestly happy that I was able to take the top spot among the 12-inch riders wearing the same TT93GP.
The 12-inch racers have been saying for a while that you can’t compete with the TT93GP. .
Even though new 17-inch tires are coming out all the time, it’s tough that the TT93, which has inferior performance, hasn’t been updated in 13 years.
I could feel what was being said. . Mr. Dunlop, please do something about it.
By the way, what is the time difference between CST’s SM-SRR and Dunlop TT93GP? I would like to know, so
At tomorrow’s practice session, I will test the TT93GP that I used for the tournament and the SM-SRR that I have worn for two tournaments and two practice sessions.
SM-SRR also has a time difference between when it was new and after, so it may not be possible to make an accurate comparison, but I would like to try it.


In two weeks, the final round of the Dunlop Cup will be held at the Tsukuba Circuit.
I will do my best to run to the full potential of KX112SM + TT93GP.

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