gear change

A gear change that is normally used by people who go touring and those who run on the circuit.
However, in gymkhana, there are many people who dislike gear changes.
If possible, I don’t want to change gears, it’s faster. . .


It’s true that it’s difficult to choose the right gear for gymkhana at first glance.
There is no doubt that the difficulty level will increase in Gymkhana, where there is always a counterattack and you are forced to change gears in the bank. .
Gear changes affect every part of riding and make riding difficult. . .


While remembering the course, think about the line, think about riding, gear change,
Pay attention to rear traction when downshifting. .
I’ve ridden a variety of bikes, from big bikes to motards, but the only time I had to shift while banking was
Is it about TE250 and 310? Still, it was not a vehicle that required many gear changes.


However, the KX112 I’m riding now has a small 2st displacement, so I have to draw out the potential of the engine.
It is impossible to compete in the top class. .
Judging so, the method I chose was to use the crossed mission by using super short and 2nd gear or higher.
The engine does not use any recursive or slipper clutch, and everything is controlled by the rider.
That’s why the sense of fulfillment that you are manipulating is the highest ever! ! fun. . It seems that people who are watching also feel it.
There is a sense of fulfillment here that you cannot get with the ZRX1200, controlling everything and pushing the machine forward.
There is a sense of dynamism when you look at it, and the KX is the most fun to watch your own driving on video.
The problem is that even if it’s super short, the 2nd gear is a little long.
Extremely low speed is about the same as 4st50㏄? ? ? . . . Since it does not stand up at all, it is quite painful to drop it.
I’m thinking about making it a little shorter, but I’d like to think about that in the final for the 2ST where the torque rises all at once.
I think it would be nice to have an engine with a little more torque at a lower speed, but if you want that time! by saying
There is no choice but to do something with the technology of the rider. .
Furthermore, I would like to mature the machine control and enjoy gymkhana like running on mountain passes and circuits.

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