We have produced a rainbow specification SSB for Traffic Education Center.

We received an order from Honda Traffic Education Center Rainbow “commonly known as HMS” for bumpers for newly introduced vehicles.
This time’s vehicle is GB350 Rebel 250 CB250R.


Rainbow requested that the upper part be stretched a little to further protect the area around the meter.
I made a new bent pipe for the base.


I also wanted a rear bumper, but a rear bumper would get in the way and cause injury.
We would like you to manufacture and evaluate our new rear slider and muffler guard, so we would like you to evaluate the muffler guard and muffler guard of each car model.
We made a rear slider.
For Rebel 250
IMG_0997.JPG IMG_0999.JPG
And the CB250R, which is often used in Gymkhana.
This HMS specification SSB, muffler guard, and rear slider can be sold as usual.
SSB’s new bent pipe specifications can be produced by adding the optional HMS special pipe.
Basically, it is possible to select other vehicles, but so far we have confirmed that these three models do not interfere with other parts of the HMS Special.
There is a possibility that interference may occur with other vehicles depending on the model, but for now I think you can confirm to some extent whether there is interference by comparing it with the photo.


We will also be gradually adding muffler guards and rear sliders to our online shop.
Please look forward to SSB’s continued evolution.


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