Monthly Archives: January 2017

SSB for Kawasaki Z88

This time I made SSB for Kawasaki Z800. Basically this Z800 seems to be the same frame as Z750, but I made it again for the installation to be difficult. Because the number of covers increased, it is necessary to process the cover somewhat, but it can be installed cleanly. How is it? http://zrx-drz.at.webry.info/201701/article_11.html Like […]

Okinawa Autobahn Great Athletic Meeting.

I went to the annual Okinawa outbound event to be held in December. This year Kanto and Otani family joined together and it became a fun event. Circuit running in the morning, practicing gymkhana from the afternoon A big athletic meeting using a motorcycle. In the circuit running in the morning I was able to […]

Turmoil November – December Touring during that time

Completion of a new factory after touring Arimune Lake! It became the month of December and December, moving and turbulent. Even so, I went to the touring several times. In November Wakayama Prefecture went to Shionomisaki with pylon, Okajima. As always, departing on Friday evening, this time with pylon and Yaizu overnight, The next morning, […]

2016 Arimine Lake Touring

Since October I have been busy with both public and private, so I could not renew my blog quite well so I restarted from last year’s Touring. We toured to Arimine Lake at the foot of Tateyama mountain range of Toyama prefecture we went last October. Departed in the evening on 14th October. I plan […]