Monthly Archives: July 2017

Weight of SSB

I decided to measure the weight of our SSB reinforced type as of now. Currently VTR 250 = 1930 g, GSXS 1000 = 2200 g, CB 400 “NC 39, 42] = 2425 g ZRX 1100/1200R  1200 Daeg(Japan only model) “= 2470 g It is the weight of the above models. I cut 2.5? On the […]

SSB for Honda 2017 Rebel 250 SS

This time I have produced SSB for Honda New Rebel 250. Although it is a slender liability, since it has engines and steps at low places, while making careful attention to the overall height and size, I made while trying not to destroy the design of Rebel as much as possible. I made it well […]

SSB weight reduction type

It is lightweight as the performance goal of SSB. In order to further promote it, I tried to reduce weight with SSB for GSXS 1000 for my vehicle. Since there is also a risk of performance deterioration in another part such as lack of strength by absolutely losing the weight, first trying on your own […]

SSB Welding Heat-Burn untreated version

Normally we polish our SSBs so we can hide any welding heat-burns beautifully so it looks shiny, But this time I would like make a type that leaves welding burns for the enthusiasts. In order to clean up welding burn, I would like to produce it by preventing oxidation to the utmost. It is almost […]

SSB for Suzuki Gixxer 150

This time I made SSB for Suzuki Gixxer 150. Although it was a very new vehicle on the market, the method of installing it neatly and neatly was not thought at first at first though it was refreshing by the method performed by GSXS and MT 10, and it was possible to install without processing […]

SSB & Rear Slider for Kawasaki Z650 2017 model

This time I made SSB and rear slider for Kawasaki’s new Z650. SSB was a vehicle that could be produced with a basic structure. Because it is a framework similar to ER system, it is the same way of stopping at the back side, but it was able to attach more firmly than ever with […]

The thought of the SSB producer

Speaking of bumpers is bad. It feels like a common feeling from long ago, including myself. However, if a bumper is attached, the rider will not have to be caught and the motorcycle will not break easily. In case of It will increase the possibility to protect the rider and return home safely. That is […]

New Ways to use our SSB Sliders

Although it is the SSB slider that I made to protect the SSB, it was said that it can be effectively used for lower protection of crankcases and vehicles that are jumping out below by changing usage. First I tried wearing it on my ZRX 1200. I tried wearing it around the bent pipe. At […]

2017 Hokkaido Touring Day 3

Today also Kitami departs early in the morning at 4 o'clock. Temperature 7 ° C in the morning of Kitami, cold with Keene. . Saturday. . . The NC 750 starts running excellently as she clears the fresh air … the chain is spinning lightly (lol) When I ran the Bihoro national highway of the […]

SSB The Anything Hook and SSB slider

SSB Anything Hook and SSB slider

I want to go to touring with SSB attached! For those who like SSB this Anything Hook is useful! It is a hook that can hang literally anything from hanging a helmet easily or hanging things bought at convenience stores. Although I go on long tours on my motorcycle by myself, I always use it […]

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