Monthly Archives: June 2022

2022 Tohoku Shimokita Peninsula Touring Day 2 Shimokita Peninsula

I always get up at 4 o’clock and leave at 4:30. .. I wanted to say that, but I’m feeling sick from the morning. .. Doesn’t it make you feel uncomfortable rather than waking up? By the way, I’ve had a little pain in my stomach since I was watching the Tsugaru shamisen concert yesterday. […]

2022 The first day of touring in the Tohoku Shimokita Peninsula. ..

I’ve run out of solo touring all over Japan, but this time I went to the Shimokita Peninsula, which I hadn’t been to by motorcycle yet. A timeless pattern of finishing work on Friday and then starting the move. This time, there is 800km to the entrance of the Shimokita Peninsula, so I planned to […]

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