Monthly Archives: April 2020

SSB appeared in news in China

News came in from a Chinese friend. How SSB appeared in the Chinese news program! Apparently. . Immediately a simple video was sent. SSB is certainly reflected in the video that appears there (^^♪ Apparently SSB protected the rider and the motorcycle from a wreck in the accident of a four-wheeled collision from the side […]

State of Emergency declared throughout major cities of Japan

Finally, an emergency declaration was issued. . We are now asked to refrain from going out as much as possible and to minimize contact with other people. With the goal of being able to ride a motorcycle quickly and clearly, let’s protect ourselves and do our best to overcome this difficulty. Also, if you think […]

Suzuki Gixxer 250 Test Drive First Impression by SSB

I would like to continue the test drive of the Jigsar 250, which will be launched in Japan at last. This machine is a model equipped with a newly developed 250 oil-cooled single engine on the frame of the Jigsar 150, which has been evaluated for ease of riding. Naturally, how much gymkhana potential is […]

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