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When everyone moves the machine, the machine moves in what order, what kind of symptoms appear
Do you move or do you imagine running in your head?
Twisting the accelerator makes the wire play, turning the carburettor's tyco, then
The needle goes up, the suction amount increases and the rotation of the engine rises.
The play of the backlash of the gear disappears, the chain gets stretched, turning the rear sprocket.
The hub damper crushes and rotates the wheel while absorbing shock.
The tire attached to the wheel turns while twisting between the grip force with the road surface.
Events in the machine that will finish in such a moment. Even when decelerating
There is a different movement.
Do you run while feeling like this? Whether it is a suspension or an engine or a brake
Can you quickly connect this momentary movement to soft?
The difference in technology appears there. .

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