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We have produced a rainbow specification SSB for Traffic Education Center.

We received an order from Honda Traffic Education Center Rainbow “commonly known as HMS” for bumpers for newly introduced vehicles. This time’s vehicle is GB350 Rebel 250 CB250R.   Rainbow requested that the upper part be stretched a little to further protect the area around the meter. I made a new bent pipe for the […]

Honda Traffic Education Center – Honda Motor School (HMS) Rainbow Specification SSB completed

I have been asked several times by Honda to produce bumpers for the Traffic Education Center Rainbow. This time, we will be working on bumpers for even more car models. Therefore, we created a new type of bumper to meet Rainbow’s requests. It is about 100mm larger on the upper side than the normal SSB […]

This weekend is the Dunlop Cup JAPAN tournoment

The Dunlop Cup JAPAN tournament will be held this weekend. It’s a normal gymkhana tournament, but it’s a lot of fun as representatives from all over the world gather and there are regional competitions as well. From Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, “This year is the first time Okinawa will participate.” […]

We received a report of a fraud incident using SSB

This is a very unfortunate message.   I received information that I was scammed by purchasing an SSB product. After purchasing, it seems that they ask to transfer the money to your Yuucho account and purchase it.   The purchase of new products from our company is only sold under the following conditions. Other purchases […]

KX112SM biggest weakness

After riding the KX112SM, I realized that its lightness and good suspension tracking are great weapons. However, the biggest weakness is acceleration from extremely low speeds. . I think it all boils down to that. Lack of acceleration, especially after continuous slow opening and closing. . If this part can be improved, it will be […]

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