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ZRX1200 after a long absence

ZRX1200R with Crash Guards

Recently, I’ve been riding only the KX112SM, and I haven’t ridden the ZRX1200 for half a year. By saying that it will be ZRX1200 with Crash guards installed to participate in “Let’s run with KING Sakuta-san DAY” held at Tsukinowa Driving School on the 22nd. I participated in Satkana training with ZRX1200 as a practice. […]

Tsukinowa driving school Let’s run with KING Sakuta DAY

Finally approaching next week, “Let’s run with KING Sakuta-san DAY” It will be held at Tsukinowa Driving School in Shiga Prefecture.   I would be happy if you could run with me and absorb something even a little. I decided to bring my symbolic ZRX1200R.   With that said, SSB Factory will be closed from […]

Participating in Trigymkhana but sightseeing

Hiroshima participated in the second round of Tri Gymkhana held at Tamada Circuit. To get there, take a ferry from Osaka, enter Toyo Port in Shikoku, buy a towel in Imabari, then take a ferry from Matsuyama Port to Hiroshima. I made an unusual course choice. Kurushima Strait is magnificent and beautiful as usual.   […]

CST 12 inch radial SM-SRR is in stock.

Repeatedly tested and amazed by its performance CST SM-SRR has arrived. If you want it, DM me and I can share it.   Grip performance Turnability Durability Minimal decrease in performance It’s a top notch performance. Moreover, it is cheaper than the tires of domestic manufacturers. .   I would like domestic manufacturers to develop […]

Big Bike ~ Mini Bike Gymkhana Each Has a Charm of it’s own

Moto Gymkhana has a variety of fun and difficulties, from 50cc to 1300cc or more, and from 70kg to 250kg or more.   The difficulty of a big bike is the control of the excess power and the machine control using it. The difficulty, power and admiration of manipulating a weight that exceeds the limit […]

I participated in the Gymchaya cup with KX112SM + CST SM-SRR

I decided to participate in full-scale participation and participated in the first competition. While participating in various practice sessions in martial arts training. It came to a good situation with the engine suspension, Can you choose the appropriate gear and run in a gymkhana where you can compete with two? Can the performance of the […]

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